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Wireless Computer Accessories

HP Wireless Optical Mobile Mouse
HP Wireless Optical Mobile Mouse

Finally, choose something comfortable to carry around and roomy enough to accommodate all your accessories. (And the bag’s just the beginning: Check out our tips for keeping your laptop safe while on the road. Wireless peripherals are great for Verbatim’s latest wireless mice and keyboard feature 2.4GHz lag-free performance and convenient, leave-in USB Nano receivers for ultra portability and easy connectivitY Charlotte, NC, March 10, 2011 – Verbatim, the global leader in data storage technology LAS VEGAS, NV (from 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show) – January 8, 2014 – New Age Electronics, a leading distributor of consumer electronics and gaming products and services and a division of SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE:SNX) , announced today that “The Rapoo approach of creating a seamless, wireless lifestyle through innovative and customizable accessories creates an ideal opportunity for new retailers to engage with New Age Electronics and also for current retailers to add to their existing product Microsoft Wireless Xbox 360 Controller for Windows $60 Looking but we can’t recommend these on our best PC game accessories in good faith. Stick with the Windows-designed Xbox 360 controller for the most reliable way to bring the gamepad to your Good news Mac users, if you’re looking for new peripherals for your Mac computer and you don’t think that Apple’s wireless keyboard or trackpad can cut it, you might be interested to learn that Logitech has unveiled some alternatives for you in the .

The VDO A4+ is a relatively inexpensive wireless computer. It doesn’t have a huge number of functions, but it is good enough to make us think that VDO could charge more. Setting up the A4+ is quick and easy, partly thanks to simple instructions. .


Desktop Computer Systems

Midnight Silver Aluminum with Soft Touch Trim- Operating System
Midnight Silver Aluminum with Soft Touch Trim- Operating System

A system is defined by the job being performed. I’m typing this on my desktop computer system. Then again, I sometimes find myself fighting the system and in some cases, throwing a wrench in the system. Now I’m confused. Ever read a dictionary? The Mac OS X Yosemite is the next iteration of Apple’s desktop operating system, and iOS 8 is the next version of including Unified Communications for Dummies, Essential Computer Security, and PCI Compliance. Let’s face it: When you think of a business desktop, it’s not necessarily something all that exciting. But if you’re in the market for one (or several) such systems to deploy to your staff, you know that it’s not as easy as picking up a consumer desktop Fortunately, producing high fidelity stereo sound is in renaissance. Here are three desktop speaker systems designed to work with your computer or other digital source and make you fall in love with your favorite music all over again. To test these Microsoft revealed some information last week that points to the next stage of evolution of the desktop computer. Windows big shot Steven Sinofsky wrote on a blog that the Windows Media Player included with the upcoming Windows 8 operating system will no Does anyone have suggestions on a system (not Mac) and where to purchase it I am looking to spend about $1500 on a new desktop computer (minus the monitor) that is powerful enough for image editing and digital painting with Photoshop. .

can either get a ready-made system, or carefully spec out and build your own custom rig. Let’s look at the pros and cons owning a laptop or desktop. If you’re trying to decide what sort of machine your next computer should be, by the time you’re Tenders are invited for Desktop Computer With Preloaded Operating System Configuration Intel Core I3, Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Specn. As Per Annexure- A Enclosed Quantity: 20.00 Numbers Bidding System: Single Bid System Delivery Period: 15 To Taking more than double the votes of the runner-up, the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Computer Speaker System is your choice for best desktop speakers. The fact that these same speakers won Lifehacker’s Desktop Speaker Hive Five back in 2012 make the Klipsch .

Tower Pc

Mobile Computer Tower with Shelf, Multiple Finishes
Mobile Computer Tower with Shelf, Multiple Finishes

Ltd, maker of high-end, all-aluminum computer chassis for over 13 years, is proud to announce the release of two new PC cases: the HTPC PC-V353 and Mini-tower pc-Q25. A new edition to Lian Li’s HTPC chassis series, the PC-V353 features a handsome front This morning, Cougar unveiled its latest mid-tower PC chassis that has been designed with gamers in mind. The all new MX300 features a rugged honeycomb mesh front facade that allows ample airflow through the case. The MX300 is designed to provide gamers When looking at the tablet and phone market and listening to all the hype directed toward tablet and all-in-one computers, it’s easy to get carried away with innovation and think “PCs won’t last four more years”. With the jumps and dives the tower pc Indeed, sometimes you build a PC with the hardware you have, not the hardware you wish you had. That’s how Digital Storm might have been feeling when the Bolt was boxed up and sent in for this showdown of the fastest micro-towers on the planet. The traditional desktop tower has been the neglected older sibling of the computer space for a long time. As components got more powerful and Wi-Fi became ubiquitous, consumers began switching in droves, first to laptops, then to tablets and smartphones. Fashioned out of brushed aluminum, the PC-A79 is due out in September. Lian-Li has announced a new full tower pc case dubbed the PC-A79. The PC-A79 supports HPTX, E-ATX, XL-ATX, ATX, and Micro-ATX motherboards and features a removable motherboard tray with .

BMW might normally be associated with luxury cars, but its subsidiary group, DesignworksUSA, is a different story altogether. Aside from developing innovative concepts for automobiles, the team there also applies its parent company’s design principles to a After seeking customer feedback with the prototype version of the case, Lian Li has made the required changes and officially launched the PC-A51 mid-tower chassis. Back in November, Lian Li announced that it was working on a new case called the PC-A51, and As far as most enthusiasts are concerned, when it comes to desktop tower PCs, the only proper solution they are willing to go with is to custom-build one with off-the-shelf parts to suit their individual needs. However, it seems that the huge interest in Origin PC has added a micro-tower option in its Chronos line of gaming PCs. On Monday, Origin PC announced the addition of a micro-tower chassis to its line of Chronos desktops. The Chronos is one of the most customizable and powerful in its class, the .

Best Price Desktop Computers

ASUS TF700T-B1-GR 10.1-Inch Tablet (Gray)
ASUS TF700T-B1-GR 10.1-Inch Tablet (Gray)

Price: $649 Desktops: These are the five best computers for those who are willing to trade power and screen size for portability. The iMac is the best all-around desktop for most users. The iMac’s slim profile, small footprint, and beautiful design make it Earlier this year Intel Corp. unveiled its new strategy designed to boost interest for desktop computers a plan to greatly reduce the price of ultra-high-definition displays and PCs with UHD monitors. One of the best ways to improve user experience The Diablo Reactor from Wired2Fire is a desktop PC priced so low that For £70 a decent 120 GB SSD could have added to the price, and it would still have left this PC with far and away the best value for money. A 24in TN-based monitor from AOC and If you decide to go for a desktop or a desktop computer. I use my PC about three to five hours each day, as I run my small business from home. The HP ProBook 450 G1 seems most suited to my needs thus far, and at quite a reasonable price on Amazon. An all-in-one computer is a business-owner’s best friend. These computers aren’t as clunky as full-featured laptops, and they don’t take up as much space or cause as much cable clutter as traditional desktop computers has a list price of $349.99 “With a premium brushed-metal finish that exudes chic elegance, an HDMI port for connection to HD TVs and monitors, and an affordable price point, M32 strikes the perfect balance between cost and performance for those seeking a desktop PC is minimal at .

Best Buy says it will start on Sunday a two-week promotion offering $100 discount on purchases of touchscreen laptops and desktop computers running that the cost of their displays adds to the price of computers; touchscreen laptops typically start All-in-one desktops have grown from niche to full-fledged category over the past few years. Screen sizes and features have grown, while prices and the the threat check out our complete catalog of all-in-one PC reviews. Updated with a touch screen We even saw some newsworthy compact and conventional tower desktops. And PC components of competitors to Asus’ best-selling—or rather, widely sold out—Transformer Book T100, the $399 (if you can find it at that price) tablet with a detachable The default browser in Raspbian is Midori, although this can be best described space program. The price of the Raspberry Pi alone is reason enough to buy it – this computer is just as versatile (if not more) than a standard desktop, laptop or even .

Notebook Accessories

Just because you use it for work doesn’t mean it has to be boring
Just because you use it for work doesn’t mean it has to be boring

Cool computing in more ways than one, according to Microsoft. Image: Microsoft. While Microsoft Corp. continues to deny any intentions regarding the competitive Netbook and Smartphone markets, surging growth in the computer industry that has seen notebook Philips line of notebook accessories include notebook sleeves, a Notebook Cushion Speaker, several models of USB speakers, a Bluetooth- enabled mouse that can be used without a surface, a webcam with cable management and direct YouTube upload. The notebook Usually we spend lot of money in getting a laptop and when it comes to the accessories that are needed for it we hesitate to spend. The accessories include portable speakers, laptop bag, headphones, stand and so on. Though the machine can run efficiently Today’s Mobile Mac takes a look at a couple laptop accessories for your humble abode. I don’t know about you, but in our home, laptops are often used away from a desk—for example, on the couch, sitting in bed, or at the kitchen table. Belkin’s The Rocketfish Mobile Laptop Case is a carrying case and a lapdesk in one. Made of PE-Foam and Rubber, the case provides a thick layer of protection on all sides for your laptop. The outer covering is mostly black rubber with lime green and black trim. Shoppers who weren’t able to buy a new laptop and/or laptop accessories during the recent series of holiday specials can check the Fry’s website, as the retailer has several attractive discounts on laptops and peripheral equipment, including low prices .

All right, you have finally made the leap to a laptop. What else do you need to make your new purchase useful? Let’s just start with the top five laptop accessories that you should rush out and get. These are not really in any particular order. Product round-up Those of you with laptops will undoubtedly agree that even with all convenience of portable computing, there remain compromises aplenty. Yet add a gadget here and there and mobile working can be improved tremendously. Whether it’s a tool Kensington’s new $139 sd200v is a single hub that can manage your keyboard, mouse, printer and iPod, plus speakers, microphone and even a VGA monitor, all tied to your laptop by a single USB cable. The catch is that the DualView DisplayLink USB video .


New Desktop Computer

 iBuyPower Gamer Mage Desktop PC’s | Gadgets & New Technology

iBuyPower Gamer Mage Desktop PC’s | Gadgets & New Technology

Pressbox (Press Release) – Purchasing a new desktop PC isn’t nearly as cut and dry as it may seem. Store employees are often no help because they work on commission. That doesn’t necessarily guarantee you good results. It is more important to stay has launched new PCs and printers in the Indian market, targeting the business segment. The company’s newly launched PCs include HP EliteBook, a two-in-one notebook, two business tablets, an all-in-one (AiO) PC and a business Desktop PC. The HP For an operating system that’s used by 80 million people, that’s no small thing. Will it make reading on desktop computers easier? Harder? Despite its grand reputation, Helvetica can’t do everything. We asked Tobias Frere-Jones, the famed typeface ASUS has launched a new computer in its Republic of Gamers (ROG) range at Computex. The new computer is called the ASUS ROG G20 gaming desktop. Although the computer is small, it has some very impressive specs. It also won the Best Choice of the Year Thereports of a new desktop computer deserve further consideration primarily because of Ming-Chi Kuo. He’s an analyst with KGI Securities with a formidable track record of successfully predicting Apple’s product roadmap. In April, in a note to investors Chips designed for graphics, gaming, and diminutive desktops that practically disappear: Intel vice president Lisa Graff announced all that and more at a press event Wednesday night in San Francisco. The new chips include an “unlocked” fourth .

If you purchased a new desktop computer, it is likely that the driver installation CD/DVD is also shipped along with the motherboard, and you’ll find it within its container. You can use the installation disc to install the Realtek audio driver if your Simply tap the tile to launch a connection to that PC. Figure 2: Pinned desktop on the Start screen One of the great new features in Windows Phone 8.1 is Word Flow, which allows you to glide your finger over the letters of a word and the system will do the The Big Picture Before you go shopping for a new desktop computer, ask yourself this question: “What am I going to do with it?” We’ll guide you through the options. more The Specs Explained From CPUs and motherboards to LCD monitors and optical storage For this new round of testing, I’m using a newer version of the Plugable I’ll use the Surface Pro 3 with the UD-3900 as my daily-driver desktop PC. I suspect that it will actually work quite well, with the caveat that fan noise from the Surface Pro .

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Computer Repair

Tips and Tricks For Troubleshooting Your Computer

Okay, here’s where you can find my collection of how to’s that I wrote to help computer users troubleshoot and solve most common problems that they may be experiencing with their rigs. Simply, follow my easy to follow do-it-yourself instructions that will guide you on how to improve your computer’s performance and get your system working properly.

How to Use Free Registry Cleaner To Speed Up Your Windows Computer
There are various types of registry cleaners on the market today that you can use that will help keep your registry clean and optimized. However, you can save money on buying software, when you use a free registry cleaner to speed up your Windows computer.

How To Install Android OS On Your Desktop Computer
Here’s an easy way that you can install Android OS on your desktop computer. When you install the operating system on a USB flash drive, you won’t have to create a new partition or uninstall the operating system again. Make certain that your USB flash drive has at least 256 megabytes of memory space available on it.

How to Install Windows Vista On A USB Flash Drive
You can install Windows Vista on an ultra fast USB flash drive and help improve your computer’s performance. Before you begin, check to make certain that your computer is equipped with a high-speed USB 2.0 port. Keep in mind that an ultra fast USB flash drive will not recognize an older USB port on your computer.

How to Add a Wireless Card to Your Laptop Computer
Nowadays, nearly all newer laptops have a built-in wireless card installed on them. However, if you have an older laptop computer, you can add a wireless PCMCIA card on it and connect to a wireless network. You can plug the wireless card into the PCMCIA slot on your laptop.

How To Install PCI Wireless Network Card on IBM ThinkPad
If you want to install a PCI wireless network card on your IBM ThinkPad, make certain the laptop has an available mini PCI slot for the wireless card. Browse the Internet from a reputable online retailer that sells mini PCI wireless cards.

How to Boost a Laptops Internal Wi-Fi Antenna
If you want to install a PCI wireless network card on your IBM ThinkPad, make certain the laptop has an available mini PCI slot for the wireless card. Browse the Internet from a reputable online retailer that sells mini PCI wireless cards.

How to Add More Power To My Graphics Card
If you’re an avid computer gamer and you want to add more power to your graphics card, you can adjust card’s settings from the Graphics Control Panel. Depending on the version of Windows OS that you are running on your computer, and the graphics card model, not all of the options will be available.

How to Backup Windows XP to a CD Disk
The best way that you can safeguard your important information and data on Windows XP is by performing periodical back ups and copying your files to a CD disk. You will need to use the CD/DVD writable drive on your computer to be able to back up and copy your files on a CD-RW disk.

How to Safely Clean a Laptop Mouse Pad
When your laptop mouse pad needs to be cleaned off, the best way to remove dirt, grime and oil residue from your fingers is by using several items that can help keep it clean. Use lint-free anti-static wipes and swabs to clean your laptop’s mouse pad.

How to Remote Access Your Home Computer from a Laptop
It’s possible to access your home computer from a laptop computer, if you have a high speed Internet connection. Both computers must have the latest versions of Windows OS installed on them, so you can use Remote Desktop to remotely access your home computer.

How To Clean Your Dirty Desktop Computer

Clean Your Desktop Computer

Depending on your environment, you may need to clean your machine all the more frequently (or less regularly) than others. Machine arrangement is paramount to consider; keeping your machine on the floor takes into consideration dust, hair, skin cells, and rug particles to get inside less demanding. In any case in the event that you keep your machine over the floor, as around your work area, particles are less inclined to getting access get to inside your machine.

Do not open your computer while it is running or with any cables attached to it. It is always safer to remove all peripherals such as USB cables, audio cables, video cables, and especially the power cable.

Do not attempt to clean your computer with electricity flowing through its circuits. Be sure that the power cable is unplugged.


Before you begin opening your computer’s case, you’ll need to gather your cleaning tools.

There are a few tools you will need to clean your computer:    Hardware set that includes screw drivers

  •     Can of compressed air
  •     Cleaning cloth
  •     Zip ties (optional)
  •     Scissors (optional)
  •     Cotton swabs (optional)
  •     Thermal paste (optional)
  •     Pencil or pen (optional)

To make the cleaning process easier, it’s best to take out any components that can be easily removed. Most desktop computers allow you to remove RAM sticks, video cards, and hard drives.


To start the cleaning process, begin with the peripherals we just removed. Grab your can of compressed air and hold the trigger to release a burst of air onto an area with a lot of dust buildup.
Next, we move inside the computer case. Let’s start with removing any dust particles that may have found their way inside the RAM slots. Take your compressed air can, aim it at a RAM slot, hold the trigger, and move it down the entire slot. Repeat this for every slot in your computer  case.

Now we’ll move onto the bigger equipment inside such as your CPU fan and power supply unit. Again, it’s recommended to use a pen or pencil when cleaning fans to prevent the blades from spinning. Use your compressed air can to blow out any loose dust particles.

Finally, don’t forget to also clean out any other fans, ports, or enclosures as described above.
Your computer, inside and out, should be looking as good as new. We’ve rid our computer of dust, hair, skin particles, and much more. Your cables should be neatly managed and out of the way of fans and other sensitive equipment.

Computer Repair Service Faridabad NCR

Computer Repair Service Faridabad NCR


If you are looking for Computer repair services in Faridabad NCR, then you should contact the experts at Rajpoot Computer Service.

The most amazing feature at R.C.S is our on call support for instant solutions to all your problems. All you need to do is to make a call to our technical Computer support team and we will give you a step by step solution for every computer problem.We will also let you know what is the main cause of the problem so that you can avoid that in future. You can also sign up for our Computer AMC in Faridabad NCR and save lots of money.

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Best Data Recovery Software and Service in Faridabad

Best Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery by is a leading top-tier provider of data recovery services for failed hard disk drives in laptops, desktops, servers, RAID arrays and tape cartridges. Industry leading technologies, coupled with ongoing research and development, enables them to offer the best and most efficient ways to retrieve lost Data. Recommended by manufacturers, their hard drive recovery services are warranty safe and backed by the top in the industry. Find out why they are among the most trusted and respected names in data recovery service.

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